Where have all the testers gone….

In my organization today everybody does everything – if we started using Visual Studio Team System today we would all have to use each piece because everyone does everything. I am not quite sure why either. Every class I take, conference I go to, my whole Computer Science education talked about division of labor and establishing roles. Industry as a whole didn’t really start to be productive until what… the good old assembly line – focused roles so that people could become good at what they did and increase output and quality. Some might argue that roles end up limiting growth, etc… I would disagree. Roles give people a choice – they can choose to become very proficient in their core competency and if they choose they can stay there and provide great value to the company on a continual basis or at some point they could under guidance by their manager, find a mentor in a role that they want to grow into, learn and work towards that goal. This also would promote and facilitate appropriate career growth. At least that is my take on it –
Now if I could only find an architect, or a business analyst, or a project manager, or a developer, or a tester, or an implementer, or a support rep – oh wait that is me…

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