On my way home

Well – it is 6:15 am Orlando time and I am sitting in the airport connected to a data jack because there are no other internet options – so far so good – but 50 Kbps is not the optimal option. Some would argue that was the speed/reliability of the TechEd wireless network during the week though!!! :) The last couple of days were spent kicking the tires if you will of the various technologies. By Friday afternoon my brain was fried. The Designer tools in VS 2005 are really cool – the fact that they integrate back into the code so well was great. Many of the labs had a variety of problems though that sometimes made it difficult to get through it. One example is the C# lab I did – it covered the new enhancements like Generics, Partial classes, iterators – since syntax changed from Beta 1 to Beta 2 – the solutions for the labs themselves wouldn’t even compile – it was cool though to be able to go to the people working on the language and ask why this didn’t work and have them explain the reasons for the changes between Beta 1 and Beta 2. The yield keyword is an example of that – you use it with iterators to return values to the caller as you loop through the list – it used to be yield , but is now yield return . I expected Generics to be cool and they were – I had used them slightly in C++ (I think they are named differently in that language…can’t remember).
Now the challenge is taking this all back to my managers and selling them that we need to start using this stuff. I can definitely see some distinct advantages from moving this direction. Encourages better planning and designing by allowing those steps to move you towards your end goal of delivering the product. The Team System has a lot of nice pieces to support team collaboration if we buy into it.
But for the next few days I will be in San Diego trying to relax and refresh and stay away from computer talk as much as possible. I am sure that my twin brother and I will stray down that path once of twice, but doing it on the beach while relaxing doesn’t sound so bad. After that it is up to Scout Camp for a couple of days and then on to Utah for my little brother’s wedding. I am not sure how all this counts as vacation because it sounds busy enough to me.
Until then – Bryan


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