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Updated Jason Yip on Standup and applying it to a virtual standup

Originally I had attributed this to Martin Fowler, but it appears the the primary author is Jason Yip We have a virtual team and just had a training forum where every team member reviewed this and then we discussed … Continue reading

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The AntiTeam – Time for a little introspection?   All of us probably have at least one of the elements described in those post to one degree in another – the key is recognizing it/being aware of it.

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Good article about SOAP, REST, UDDI, etc…   The comments even include a comment that is signed by Roy T. Fielding which if him is the MR. REST.       Technorati tags: REST, SOAP, UDDI, Web Services

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Gates keeps close eye on kids’ computer time | CNET

Interesting article on how the king of the PC world handles computer time with his kids.  I wonder what Scoble’s opinion is on this subject – I know his son is a little older (but I don’t think much from … Continue reading

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Agile and Skunkworks

Good read about similarities between Agile and Skunkworks.     Technorati tags: agile, skunkworks

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