Updated Jason Yip on Standup and applying it to a virtual standup

Originally I had attributed this to Martin Fowler, but it appears the the primary author is Jason Yip


We have a virtual team and just had a training forum where every team member reviewed this and then we discussed this in the context of the virtual standup that we have everyday – below are the list of items that we decided to change to make our standup more effective

Standup Improvements

  • Actually standup during standup (we conduct it over the phone)
  • First person report on big picture (we using MS Team Foundation Server and everyone gets the iteration progress chart daily and we report on it to simulate people looking at our board of storycards etc…)
  • Status should be focused to team members and should communicate commitments (we were losing velocity and enthusiasm in the standup by people reporting too long on the wrong things)
  • Meeting starts at 11 (we decided not to go with the start of the day deal because of time zone, child care etc…)
  • Last Arrival speaks first
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