Brian Harry on TFS past, present, and future and p&p guys on how they do what they do!

I took in two channel 9 screencasts (or whatever they call them) today as I was traveling and had some extra time. 

The first was Brian Harry talking about one of my favorite subjects (TFS) – Brian Harry on Team Foundation Server Past, Present, and Future .  It was very cool to hear Brian talk about the evolution of TFS and where they are headed.  He struck me as being a very straight-shooter good guy.  A couple of points from the video that I thought I would point out are

  • About 24 minutes in he talks about some details with how they manage source control and some challenges that they have run into including insight into a problem that DevDiv had on their TFS server when doing some large scale integration of Orcas
  • About 31 minutes in he gets to what is coming for TFS, VSTS, Orcas, and out in the future

In the p&p screencast – Patterns and Practices – A Team of Thieves I captured the following gems from Ed and Peter that I thought were especially relevant and thought-provoking

  • There is no such thing as "best" usually there are "proven" practices and that is what p&p provides
  • You have to provide context around your proven practices because the context can change everything when it comes to a practice
  • Sometimes people want to know what "not" to do instead of just what to do
  • They bring people/customers in and have them use the existing system (early drops) and can change the code "real-time" to address customer concerns or needs
  • p&p teams are constituted as some developers, some testers, an architect, project or program manager, and a product manager with the product manager being the customer facing component
  • One of their goals with their new space on how they work is to lower the friction of communication

All in all good stuff – I am headed up to Redmond on Friday to visit with some of the team and some other outside customers about VSTS – the agenda looks great including a visit from Sam Guckenheimer  – can’t wait!!



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