Giving Microsoft Dev Division their props

I have been meaning to blog on this for a days now – today I decided to stop procrastinating.  Most have by now seen the news about MS buying TeamPlain to add a web interface to Team Foundation Server.  What a great move!  I was talking to Steven Borg from Accentient a little over a month ago about this very thing – when I heard the news I was pumped.   This fills a major gap in the product and will at least here at Intel help us foster adoption of Team Foundation Server.  We now have a corporate instance available for people to start to leverage – the next step for us is to make sure people are educated on how to take full advantage of TFS’s features.


The publishing of the Team System roadmap was very cool as well – Rosario hasn’t been a secret as Mary Foley and others disclosed the codename for the VSTS post-Orcas release, but it is nice to have it out there so that we can "officially" talk about it.  The stuff I have seen related to it looks very exciting and promising and I can’t wait to see some bits out there – but I suppose we should wait for Orcas first.  Orcas has some great stuff as well – LINQ looks awesome (I have played with it just a little bit) and the CI stuff coming from TeamBuild will be nice as well.


Oh and I am excited to hit Islands of Adventure at Tech Ed this year as well (I am sure the sessions will be good as well!).



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