Interesting commentary on the Agile Manifesto

Very interesting take on the reasons behind the Manifesto by one of the originators with some commentary on what it should include today.  I have had similar feelings over the last couple of years as our group has embraced Agile.  Many individuals I have talked to speak highly of the technical practices (TDD, CI, Pairing), but the human challenges that crop up when trying to adopt those are often glossed over in my opinion.  Agile is hard because it encourages and really requires active communication, requires skilled people, and for people to be motivated on their own.  Those things are rarely givens in any environment and if they aren’t there the Agile practices breakdown and thus Agile teams feel like they are failing in their execution.  Good to see Brian call attention to some of those elements and identify them as important to the success of an Agile team.


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