Tech Ed 2007 Begins!

I have been meaning to blog all last week about my impending departure to Tech Ed. I noticed that I felt like I had an extra bounce in my stop all last week. Coming to Tech Ed is something I look forward to. 2005 was great with the impending release of VS2005, SQL 2005, and TFS. 2006 didn’t have anything as compelling, but this year with Orcas on the near horizon (hopefully) and with Silverlight there should be some really good stuff.

I am sitting here waiting for the keynote to start – we are running about 5 minutes late so far. Bob Muglia is the guy this year – we’ll have to see if they have anything good to share. Last year’s keynote was pretty good I thought with the 24 theme.

The Attendee party should be great – never been to Islands of Adventure and definitely .

I flipped on my Bluetooth on my phone as I walked through the main hall and I got a lot of advertisements – I guess they would like to call them coupons, but ads were what they were – as if you don’t get enough of that in your Tech Ed bag alone (which is much, much improved from 2006 thankfully). We’ll have to see as the week goes on if the Bluetooth broadcasting that they are doing has anything more useful (they call it Bluecasting).

Looks like it is showtime – Back to the Future theme – good start – Doc Brown (was that his name?) – spoofing Hailstorm back in 2001 – Doc Brown called it a big waste of time. WinFS and Clippy get hit next – then an entrance in the Delorian – nice – well done.

Talking about the 70/30 split in IT with 70% of resources spent on maintenance and 30% on new capability or value.

Brought out Tom Bittman from Gartner to talk about IT and Agility. Tom said that Agility in IT is a major differentiator and the gap between the Agile and the non-Agile companies is growing. Tom made a key point that not only does the process need to be agile, but also the communication between Business, Development, and infrastructure.

Being Low-cost and High Quality is no longer good enough – you have to be Agile as well – spoke on how to measure Agile – said go ask your customer.

It is interesting – here I am sitting at a MS conference and the Keynote is talking about how Agile has now joined Cost and Quality Service as a foundational principle of IT. For those Agilists out there that has to feel like a nice pat on the back and validation for the journey to acceptance. Tom even took a shot across the bow of CMM and said that you can’t just focus on process – that isn’t enough – in a survey Gartner did process was an issue to getting to a real-time infrastructure for a quarter of the people, technology was another quarter and culture/organizational was another.

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