Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

When it comes to movie reviewing I am slightly better than my Dad who reviews movies in one word – the movie was either good or okay. 

As far as the new Harry Potter – I loved the movie.  While I am not so much of a Harry fanatic to have rewatched all the movies in the last couple of weeks (but fanatical enough to go to the movie on the first day open and have just re-read Book 6 in preparation for Book 7) – I came away thinking that this was my favorite movie of the 5. 

There was enough action to keep the movie alive and moving – the fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore was especially good, but enough of the story points as well (although it certainly helps to have read the books to understand all the subtleties). I am hoping that the movies go the distance – with 5 down and only two left I hope they push through (it certainly helps that each one makes ridiculous money – the key though is the consistent actors that really keeps the series continuity – it helps that I think all of them do a great job too).

Other than the Rocky series has any movie series done some many in the modern era (Comparing these to Rocky does the Potter ones an injustice as the whole Rocky thing just got ridiculous after a while)?

Definitely a thumbs up and a must see in the theaters.

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