Man I love BYU Football

This Saturday marked the first game of the season that I got to attend.  The Cougs played Eastern Washington and the forecast for the day was for it to be snowy and cold.  Noel had been a little under the weather and we were worried about the weather making it miserable for Eliza so she decided on Sat. morning not to go so I rode down with Sean Stohl to the game.  At that point the weather wasn’t looking too bad it definitely wasn’t warm, but it wasn’t snowing or raining.  The first and second quarters also were good weather wise and just about as the game started Noel decided to come down.  She bundled up her and Eliza and picked up a niece, Cathryn (whose name I don’t know how to spell exactly), and to Provo they went.  They got there around halftime and the third quarter was good – the Cougs were winning and we were having a good time.  The fourth quarter was quite a different story though – the picture below says it all I think – we loved it all the same and stayed until the end of the game!

2007-10-20 005

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