The Big Move

Most of those who track this blog already know this, but in the interest of actually blogging it – WE MOVED!  We moved from Arizona to Salt Lake a little over a week ago.  I had felt for a while that Intel wasn’t to be my final resting place job wise, but in terms of where I wanted to go post Intel I was kind of picky and the LDS Church and Microsoft were really the top 2 (and only 2) on my list.  Utah was more attractive than Redmond, WA mainly because we have more family in Utah than in Washington (although my awesome brother-in-law and my sister live in Washington and they are the best so no disrespect to them!).

So about 2 months ago now I applied for a job as a Data Warehouse Engineer at the Church and after the interview process got extended an offer to come work for them.  We had pondered over what we should do long before that and knew by the time we got offered the job that we were going to take it.  The last couple of months have been a pretty big rush getting things in order.  Fortunately Noel’s mom is kind enough to let us stay with her while we look for a house.  We miss our family and friends in AZ a lot and in a lot of ways it still isn’t real that this has happened since we are known for taking numerous extended trips up here to Utah (at Intel I could work from up here in Utah at the Intel plant in Riverton so that was nice and convenient) so in some ways it feels like we are just on an extended vacation. 

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  1. Sherrie says:

    Okay, so I’m waiting for more information and pictures of my granddaughter.  Hope everything went well with the Snow game.  Love you guys.

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