Happiness at Work – Some thoughts to live by

A friend of mine passed along a link to the Happy Hour is 9 to 5 book.  It has nothing to do with drinking alcohol at work althoughly sadly that might be the only way some people could find happiness at work!  Chapter 1 was alright and Chapter 2 started just okay, but finished much stronger.  It is a good read and has some good ideas on things to try and make life around you more pleasant.  The ideas are really applicable to life in general and not just work.  In fact if you practice these things at work hopefully you are doing them first at home with those you care about

The author of the book also has a blog entitled Chief Happiness Officer.  Today in fact he posted an interesting article where he called out to Americans – asking us a question about what makes us happy at work.  There is an interesting discussion building there about differences between America and Europe for example and how that impacts what makes us happy at work.  The discussion around the lack of a social safety net in America and the impact it has is particularly interesting.

In regards to that article I guess my comment there would be that I want to be happy at work,  but work to me will always be first and foremost a means to an end.  That end is providing for my family.  That is priority number 1.  So my first answer to what makes me happy at work – it is that it lets me go home at a decent hour with a decent wage so that I can spend my time and money with the people I care about most.  Now while I am at work I think being happy and in general adhering to the principles that I have seen in the Happy Hour is 9 to 5 book is a great idea.


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3 Responses to Happiness at Work – Some thoughts to live by

  1. Thomas Gary says:

    By your own admission then . . . wouldn’t you find work to be a happy time, but your true happy hour or the time you find most joy be 5-9?

  2. Bryan says:

    Absolutely Mr. Carter!  true Happy Hour is definitely after work.  That said the book and blog has great things to think about with regards to making your work environment a positive place to be.

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