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Why aren’t there any data modeling forums?

In my new job I am spending a fair amount of time data modeling specifically around Data Warehousing Data modeling.  The team I work on are pretty committed Kimballists meaning we generally follow the dimensional modeling principles outlined by Ralph … Continue reading

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3D maps of Salt Lake and Provo

Just having moved to Salt Lake and working downtown I have missed the nice 3D models that are available of Phoenix.  Well today the Virtual Earth team announced the addition of 3D imagery for Salt Lake and Provo so below … Continue reading

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Why does every iTunes point release require a 70 MB reinstall

Since the iPhone release which generated I think iTunes 7.3 over the last couple of months we have had 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 and 7.4 and now 7.5.  Each required reinstalls (including a reinstall of Quicktime???) and the size continues to … Continue reading

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