3D maps of Salt Lake and Provo

Just having moved to Salt Lake and working downtown I have missed the nice 3D models that are available of Phoenix.  Well today the Virtual Earth team announced the addition of 3D imagery for Salt Lake and Provo so below are a couple of snapshots I clipped while navigating around. 

Here is a picture of downtown Salt Lake with a little note in the the bottom left pointing out the office building that I work it.


And here is my beloved BYU with a little annotation pointing out the season ticket location that my mother-in-law has that we got to enjoy this year!


You can also take the 3D Tour that I made that gives you a view of Provo and then moves to Temple Square – try it out – it is a pretty cool feature.  You can even record the tour and save that off.

In comparing features of mapping programs.  Virtual Earth is great in how 3D and 2D can just go back and forth in the browser.  With Google Maps you only get 2D to get 3D you have to go into Google Earth.  You do have Street View in Google Maps which is interesting – I prefer the Bird’s Eye feature that Live Maps has over Street View though.  Google Maps has the ability for you to click and re-route your directions (Yahoo which doesn’t have any of the other whizbang things we just talked about but did just add similar re-routing capability) which is very, very cool (Live Maps you really need to add that!).  In trying out the touring capabilities the Live Maps capability seemed easier to work with compared to Google Earth.


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