Why aren’t there any data modeling forums?

In my new job I am spending a fair amount of time data modeling specifically around Data Warehousing Data modeling.  The team I work on are pretty committed Kimballists meaning we generally follow the dimensional modeling principles outlined by Ralph Kimball.  As with any programming methodology (and likely any methodology period) there is a fair amount of gray area.  That is where both experience and "gut feeling" come into play in making decisions on how to model certain things that don’t fit the philosophy very well or perhaps fit multiple parts of the philosophy.

What has surprised is why there aren’t more forums out there to discuss this!  I can go Google C# of Java or Oracle or perhaps better examples would be Agile Programming or Test Driven Development and find a host of forums to look at, but data modeling or dimensional modeling forums specifically seem to be very few and far between.  It surprises me after all these years of Kimball espousing the philosophy etc… that he hasn’t made available forums for discussion to happen etc…  It would be fascinating to pose problems and see the community’s opinions and to respond to other’s questions as well.  Sounds like a project in the making!  Anyone interested or know if a good place already exists (not sense reinventing the wheel!)

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5 Responses to Why aren’t there any data modeling forums?

  1. Karen says:

    We have more than 50 data modeling tool and data modeling conferences at http://www.infoadvisors.com . Just follow the links to GROUPS.  They are free of charge and moderated by volunteer moderators. Many groups have come and gone in the data modeling world and I’m guessing the reason why so many of them close down is that most people underestimate the effort it takes to keep a community alive and on-topic.I’d also think that what is important is the quantity of experienced participants, not the physical number of communities out there.Karen

  2. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the info Karen – I am checking out infoadvisors right now.  I totally agree with you that the important thing is to have a good membership group that has experience and takes the time to share/respond. 

  3. John says:

    I am having the same issue. I am looking for a dimensional data model for a pension system. I have started to create it myself but figure that someone must have already created one.

  4. Jacob says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’m going to check out the forum above!

  5. Rashmi says:

    i have been looking for the same forum, will check above link to see if any still alive

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