– Death by slowness

I received a couple of invites to try out today so I decided to go over and try it out.  It is a YASNS (Yet Another Social Networking Site).  Apparently the model it is using is to pair up interviewers with interviewees with the niche being that you can set a price that interviewers have to pay you to interview you.  Sounds good – It’ll be interesting to see how it works or if it works.

Out of the gate though things were bad – performance is HORRIBLE!  So bad that the site is almost unusable.  I have no idea what employer would be willing to pay money to sit there and wait for the site to come back.  Major negative points there.  In fact the only reason I stuck around is I imported my information and wanted to correct it so that in the off chance someone was able to get the site to work long enough to find me that they would see the right information (it crashed on me many times).

If you are listening NotchUp – you should have never launched with those kinds of issues – just awful user experience – I will never go back to the site by choice that is for sure!


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