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Solving the Oracle Home nightmare – Oracle Locator Express

For a year or two now I have been using a nice systray utility from dbmotive that has served me very well in managing the variety of Oracle Homes that I always seem to have on my machine.  It is … Continue reading

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House Pictures

We got our keys yesterday and spent some time at the house yesterday.  The wood floor refinishing starts today followed by carpet, tile, and painting.  Here are some pictures that we shot while we were there. Live Spaces

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Gmail versus Hotmail

Scoble just announced that he is switching from Hotmail to Gmail.  From time to time as I hear people making the switch I go back and revisit each site to assess capabilities and see what I am missing.  So far … Continue reading

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E’s Birthday

We had a fun birthday party for E this weekend at Chuck E Cheese’s!  The kids had fun and hopefully the adults did too.  It was fun to get together and eat some pizza.  I can’t believe how much E … Continue reading

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I hope you like snow!

The Hinton family is having our annual reunion at the end of March this year up here in Utah.  Midway, UT to be exact!  We had a family party in Provo today and with the weather being outstanding today (we … Continue reading

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Bought a house

We bought a house this past week (or at least had our offer accepted – we still have inspections to do etc… before we close on it).  I thought I would throw a picture out there of what it looks … Continue reading

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Cozi – Calendaring for the family is yet another site doing lists, calendar, blog/journal, etc…  The interesting concept behind it is the ease of calendaring.  You can type in your appointment in natural english and it will determine when and who it needs to schedule … Continue reading

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