Cozi – Calendaring for the family is yet another site doing lists, calendar, blog/journal, etc…  The interesting concept behind it is the ease of calendaring.  You can type in your appointment in natural english and it will determine when and who it needs to schedule the appointment for.



And when you hit return you see that Date Night has been scheduled for both Bryan and Noel (the colors represent different people).  If you click on Date Night you’ll see the details down to the Movie Theater as the location for the event.



The natural language scheduling technology is really cool.  The site has the ability to sync with Outlook and send event details and list details to your phone.  All nice technology, but nothing beyond the natural language technology that really differentiates the site.  It is also hard to imagine me wanting to have my calendar info separate from my mail and contacts.  That is what gives the Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live platforms so much power is the integration between mail, contacts, calendar, and other features.  It will be interesting to see if any of the big companies look to match or purchase the natural language capabilities that Cozi shows.

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