Daddy Daughter Date

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E and I headed out yesterday on a daddy daughter date.  We got tickets through the Cougar Club to a BYU baseball game and so we left Noel home to enjoy time alone and we headed down to Provo to watch some baseball.

2008-05-10 Daddy Daughter Date 003 

Miller Park is a nice stadium – it is kind of unique as it has the softball field on one side of the stadium concourse and the baseball stadium on the other.  I taught E about first, second, and third base along with home "base".  We ate hot dogs and enjoyed the game for about an hour and a half or so.  We then headed over to the Marriott Center where our car was parked, put our blanket on the grass, read books, and ate Cheez-Its (sp?) and Twizzlers.  It was a lot of fun.  We did have to make a trip back to Miller Park for E to go to the bathroom.  As we went into the boys bathroom she said, "Dad, this is the boys bathroom."  I informed her that I couldn’t go into the girls bathroom and so this was the best we could do.  She responded with, "But Dad it is going to stink!"  Turns out that all the stalls were occupied and rather than wait for them to open up and risk her clamoring loudly as we went in that it stunk we went hunting for another option.  They have a couple of family type bathrooms it turns out and we used one of those so it all turned out good!  It was pretty funny!

Here are a couple of pictures of us chilling on the grass at the Marriott Center.  We finished off our date by stopping by Mark and Stacey’s to say hi to E’s cousin E.  It was so much fun for E that with 5 minutes on our way home she feel asleep on me!  Seriously it was a great time – I can’t wait for us to do it again!

2008-05-10 Daddy Daughter Date 005

2008-05-10 Daddy Daughter Date 006

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