Changing job roles

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   In about a week I will be transitioning from my current team (Data Integration) and role as a Data Warehouse Engineer to what we call the .NET Stack team.  It has been great expanding my Data Warehouse experience – I am more familiar with the Kimball method of designing data warehouses now (and even see a lot of similarities between the Kimball approach to Data Warehousing and the Object-Oriented world that much of the programming world uses).  I won’t be sad to leave the ETL tool behind that we use here (Business Objects Data Integrator or DI) though.  For the last couple of months DI and I have been working together with a very loose truce – I promise not to curse it too much if it promises not too crash or do otherwise crazy things.  My co-workers have been great to work with and I will miss sitting with them on a daily basis – a fun group to work with.

  In my new position on the .NET Stack team I will be working on defining, developing, and integrating various technologies and concepts that the .NET development teams working with the different Church departments can use to be more productive, effective, and efficient.  This will allow me to be back involved with Team System/Team Foundation Server like I was at Intel which I am very excited about.  I will also be spending time with WCF, WPF, nHibernate, Entity Framework, LINQ, and a lot of the other .NET technologies out there.  Should be a fun and challenging task – looking forward to it!

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1 Response to Changing job roles

  1. Brett says:

    Congrats Bro and good luck! I think your back in an area of technology that you’re most passionate about

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