Ragnar report

  I am finally getting around to posting an entry about our amazing Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay experience from last weekend.   180.5 miles (I think that was the final tally), two vans, 11 people, 28 hours 5 minutes and 59 seconds, lots of sweat, Gatorade, water, Honey Buckets (can you believe that is the name of the company that provides Porta-Potties), and even some fun mixed in with some pain.  It is a testament to the brain’s ability to selectively remember that I look back at the experience fondly.  My three legs were 5.1, 3.2, and either 5.2 or 5.6 (can’t remember at this point I think it is the former).  For a total of around 13.5 miles.  My legs comprised the shortest segment of the race for any one runner I think (that is in interest of full disclosure – not necessarily something I am proud of).  I ran my first leg at a 9:08 pace and followed that up with an 8:33.  I was extremely pleased with those efforts – they were better or on my par with my best training runs. 

  My third leg was climbing up the road on the southeast side of Jordanelle that runs from Kamas to Heber.  It was brutal for me.  I finished it in with a 10:55 and that included walking which I did at the top of the inclines to give my screaming quads a break.  After that leg I collapsed into the van for over an hour while Sean and Megan finished out the last legs for our van – I was pretty oblivious to what was going on around me.  By the time I had recovered we were done and everyone was ready to eat some real food (the spaghetti Friday night at North Summit High School was good – but it was too late and I was too tired and hurrying to get to bed to truly enjoy it).

Below I linked to a search of Twitter (using something called tweetscan) for the posts that I did while we were running – it has quite a bit of info about how each member of our team did (Noel, Cory, Megan, Sean, Rachelle, and me) as well as how Van 2 (Stacey, Mark, Brian, Neal, and Daniel) did – although Van 2 I just cover overall – not individually.  I also have included a tweetscan search for all Ragnar posts – which catches a few others from other people (as well as some non Ragnar related ones).  Lastly is a link to the first photo album that I put up while we were running our first legs.  More should follow soon.

Note: I use this blog to post both Personal and Technical articles.  For a technical only feed use the following URL (http://bryanandnoel.spaces.live.com/category/technology/feed.rss).  For a family only feed use the following URL (http://bryanandnoel.spaces.live.com/category/family/feed.rss)

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