Many technologies can scale

  I was going to post this on Twitter – but shockingly – Twitter is down – I know – haven’t heard that one before.  So in light of that – I am dropping my thought on my blog – so 2007.  Dare has some good thoughts around scaling and points out rightfully so that you can find examples of many different technologies that companies have scaled successfully even when you’ll have people vehemently proclaiming that there is no way that technology can scale.  Scale in many cases is simply a function of how much work you want to put into it – guaranteed that the companies that Dare cites all have done some pretty tricky flips to eek out extra performance from their foundational technologies.  In the Team Foundation Server space which I follow quite heavily Brian Harry has documented on many occasions Microsoft’s efforts to scale their TFS environment to meet the demands they place on it.

As a closing note people that take extreme (or absolute) positions on technology are almost always WRONG!


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