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Does Velocity change when we look at software from a Lean perspective?

  Most Agile methodologies I have tried, read about, etc… include the concept of Velocity.  Velocity essentially is a historical measurement of the rate at which a software team produces value.  I am currently reading Agile Management for Software Engineering … Continue reading

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My System Build Software Specs

Base Build OS (Vista preferred, but XP SP2 otherwise) IE8 Firefox 3 Google Reader Note Bookmarklet Live Mesh Office 2007 SP1 Zoomit VPN Virtual PC iTunes (do I have to??) Windows Live Suite Twirhl (everybody says use Tweetdeck, but I … Continue reading

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Oracle’s stance on .NET?

In a word, Puzzling, over the years they have been historically late delivering support in their ADO.NET provider for new features in Oracle.  That said ODP.NET was generally the better option for accessing Oracle’s more extended features than the MS … Continue reading

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Agile – Micro-Management in a different package

I just finished reading Agile Project Management with Scrum by Ken Schwaber.  As I was reading it (and enjoying it – I find a lot to like in Scrum) I was struck at how easily Agile methodologies like Scrum or … Continue reading

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Intel says “Skip Vista”

  Ed Bott covered this weeks ago when the news was made public that Intel was planning on skipping Vista and he provides good insight into the history around that and why it isn’t super significant.  Being a former Intel … Continue reading

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What happens between Sprints

  I have been working with Agile methodologies for a couple of years now.  I have had a fair amount of practice on real projects and read a lot on the subject.  Lately Scrum has been on the top of … Continue reading

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Olympic Moment 2008 – Men’s 4x100m Relay

I love the Olympics!  There are so many memorable moments over the years.  They signified so much during the Cold War it seemed – when we thankfully used athletic events instead of bullets and missiles to fight against Communism (or … Continue reading

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