God Bless the USA

  As I ride the Light Rail into downtown Salt Lake today and thought on the significance in American history that September 11th has.  The song "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood started playing on iTunes (I was working on my computer).  That made me pause and look up and around at all the people riding the train with me (train has been very crowded lately) and marveled at this wonderful country.  There were all types of people on the train and I was filled with gratitude for this wonderful country.  We have problems to solve for sure, but I am so proud and grateful to live here.  From that enterprising band of rebels in 1776 to the world power we are today.  America is unique in world history – we sought to export freedom instead of slavery, democracy instead of dictatorship.  We are not perfect and haven’t been perfect, but we have tried and will continue to do so.  I too pray that God will bless the USA!

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1 Response to God Bless the USA

  1. John says:

    Ooohrah sir!

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