Maps.Live.Com continues to get better – now with Visible Weather and lots more

I love and have for a long time I must confess.  There new update is full of good stuff – you can read about it here.  Weather is only one of the cool features that were added in this latest release.  I love the context provided in the driving directions (like turn at the Taco Bell).  Just ONE REQUEST add the drag route feature that Google and Yahoo have.  That is an awesome feature that can be very useful. 

I like where MS is driving Live Maps and Virtual Earth.  I love that 2D and 3D are together in the same interface.  I love the new imagery including trees and bushes. It enhances the image quality immensely.  Too bad there are only 6 cities online with the V2 imagery right now.  Below you can see that Washington DC is partially cloudy as of the writing of this (weather data is updated every 3 hours or so I think) and Miami is cloudy (gotta love the trees in that picture as well).  Okay – in addition to my one request above, it would be cool to allow for a time of day setting.  Perhaps initially just a dusk type setting to differentiate between night and day.  But it would be awesome to do something similar to what is done with trees and bushes and added light sources.  Bigger buildings are lit up of course and then some amount of street light density, etc…  All in all – Well done Virtual Earth team!  I am looking forward to what you are going to do next!



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1 Response to Maps.Live.Com continues to get better – now with Visible Weather and lots more

  1. John says:

    You beat me to the posting punch :-)  I really like the new mapping service and the driving directions with multi-point is great but…. For the drive I map the most, I know there are two routes and there should be options to establish an option between taking a tolled road versus non-tolled.

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