Temple Square and the Book of Mormon

  Today I had to go down to the Church Office Building to take care of some things and I walked slowly back to the Triad Building through the Main Street Plaza and through the middle of Temple Square.  I absolutely love that place.  As I walk through it the history that it holds seems almost palpable.  The beauty that is maintained there magnifies that feeling.  Every time I walk through I remind myself to send an email to the Facilities department that maintains it to tell them Thank You for taking care of it so well. 

  The Book of Mormon teaches us constantly to Remember, Remember.  Remember those that came before us, what they went through, and most importantly what the Lord did for them.  That in so doing we might be humbled as well as understand the legacy that we all have an opportunity to build upon.  I can’t help but remember the amazing actions of those responsible for building the Tabernacle, Assembly Hall, and of course the Temple.  What great lessons of faith, perseverance, dedication, and love for the Lord are taught there. 


2007-12-11 Temple Square Lights 005 

2007-12-11 Temple Square Lights 011

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