BYU Football

Yep – BYU Football season is here.  That means Saturdays are pretty busy, but we love it.  Add E’s soccer games on top of that and we are struggling to find time with the yard.  Notice the new video board in the north stands in the picture below.  Before this year we always had to turn around and kink our next to see the replay board.  Not anymore!

2008-09-20 BYU Game 002 

E is great at the games.  She loves Cosmo and the cheerleaders and even watches the game every once in a while.  Especially during the touchdowns and fight song!  But we do find we have to humor her with a snow cone once a game to reward her for letting her father satisfy his addiction to BYU Football.  I really love having Noel and E with me at the games.  It is a fun to have the family together there.  We enjoy meeting Mark and Stacey and Kevin at halftimes as well.  Normally we are celebrating the Cougars destruction of the opponent by that time (we hope that keeps up) – I think the halftime scores have been 27-3, 42-0, and 20-0 if I remember right.  Go Cougs!

2008-09-20 BYU Game 010

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1 Response to BYU Football

  1. Kay says:

    Great pictures!  Just get the ‘ol juices pumpin doesn’t it?  Go Cougs!!!

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