What America needs is not What we are going to get

I am watching the debates tonight and was discouraged on the initial statements about the economy.  I would love to hear the candidates say that while the government will help people where possible that people made bad decisions and to some degree they will have to suffer the consequences for those decisions.  That is a bad way to get elected of course and so I won’t hold my breath waiting to hear one of them say that.

The fact of the matter is that much of the economic growth over the last couple of decades has been fueled by credit.  Credit that people chose to use (the excuse that a person qualified for it so they took it makes no sense – if a person doesn’t know what they can afford  then they shouldn’t go out and incur more debt).  We are suffering the consequences of that today as the market corrects drastically (the Dow has lost 1/3 of its value in the last year).  In these drastic times the government has to get involved.  But don’t do it by buying out bad debt – do it by investing in American infrastructure!  Invest in roads, energy, and technology!  Doing so will create all different kinds of jobs and help people to ride out the bad times.  Lifestyles will have to change for sure, but we will make it through and we will come out stronger if we invest.

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2 Responses to What America needs is not What we are going to get

  1. John says:

    Well, pardon my sarcasm, but there is no need for infrastructure if there are no jobs, no industrialization…..  I agree that much of the foreclosure is bad decisions and this ridiculous need to keep up with the Jones’ but the stream of hard times is not over and putting an offensive amount into the market is not going to harden it for the next few lean years.  It’s not a money problem, it is a policies and practices problem

  2. Bryan says:

    John – the idea is that the money infusion into infrastructure creates jobs as the markets recovers to help people have employment while private enterprise returns to hopefully more sound financial practices.  It sounds like you aren’t for the bailout either – so it is your opinion that the gov’t should do nothing?

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