Blu-ray is in trouble

This news article reflects my same sentiments.  Blu-ray may have won the format war, but it has already lost the overall battle.  Streaming videos into your home is already a reality.  You can do it with Netflix (their partnership with Starzz makes their list of movies to watch now much more interesting), Movelink (partnered with Blockbuster), Amazon, and Apple.  Netflix launched their set-top box this year and Apple has had the AppleTV out for quite a while now.  You also have Media Center extenders that take XP Media Center and Vista Media Center and allow you to watch movies from Amazon, Netflix, and Movielink including the renting and downloading all from right at your TV. 

People are ripping their movies from DVD onto HDDs at an increasing rate as well (I can’t count how many Disney DVDs we have had to replace because of scratching).  These HDD based movies are available through some of the mediums discussed above (notably Media Center) to be viewed without ever having to put a disc in anything.  I see this mode increasing especially when you add to it the home movies, photos, and music collections that people are accumulating.  As an aside the increasing amount of digital storage that the average user has puts increased emphasis on having a solid backup strategy.  Even with the likes of Time Machine, Windows Home Server, Mozy and other online services, and even the improved backup capabilities in Vista there is a lot of room for improvement here in the consumer market.  In the end Blu-ray will undoubtedly stay around for a few more years until the streaming options include HD quality, but its demise is already fixed.  Let the streaming wars begin!

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2 Responses to Blu-ray is in trouble

  1. Unknown says:

    Hey Noel this is Traci (Stevens) Johnson from the Rock Creek ward. I don’t know how comments on this thing work but I followed a link from Ashleigh (Call) Thornock’s blog to find this for you guys. Hope you don’t mind my stalking 😉 I have talked to my mom so many times about how I need to track you down and see how you are doing but I’m a slacker and never follow through. She tells me that you guys are living in Utah right now though. We moved down here after school and bought a house in Draper so we are in Utah as well. It would be so awesome to see you and catch up if you have the time. We have a blog if you want to check it out and keep up with us it’s

  2. Michael says:

    BluRay was a dumb format to win the war. Exactly why people aren’t going "lah-de-dah" about having a BluRay player. HD-DVD gave just as great picture quality, but at a much CHEAPER price. In a weakening economy, the smart physical format choice should have been HD-DVD, but people were such idiots to side with BluRay, because they wanted the format war to end quickly and somehow got to believing BluRay had a better chance. Sigh.
    I can’t wait to see the online content stores of tomorrow and what they off. Physical formats used to be nice, but with more better devices and technology, it’s just not needed as much anymore.

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