Monday PDC Keynote – Live Blog


And we are done and off to the first session of the day – Whew!

10:10 – Ozzie back on stage for a summary – PDC participants will get first crack at Azure – no cost during CTP – pricing will be competitive, but not set right now

10:08 – Showed a sample app that connected on premise services to CRM Online and SharePoint online

9:57 – Talking about how you would connect your on-premises security to the cloud – Microsoft Online using that today.

9:50 – David Thompson on stage now – 20 minutes or so to go it sounds like – Thompson was a leader or the lead of the Exchange 2007 project – among other things

9:48 – Azure is such a huge game changer – huge bet by Microsoft – I can’t wait to play with it – Muglia said that Azure capabilities will be rolled into on-premise software so that you can leverage Azure platform internally eventually (or at least that is how I understood what Bob said)

9:44 – Showing a System Center project codenamed – Atlanta – that will allow you to push System Center data to the cloud – Azure will process the data using SQL Services to transform it for analysis – and then expose reports to companies on their data and their system health compared to other companies (if you want – opt-in model)

9:43 – Demo of how you can connect B2B

9:36 – Muglia talked about some cool stuff – Azure will contain the ability to connect your local identity stores (like your local Active Directory) and your local services with the Cloud versions securely so that you can leverage your on-premise capabilities in the cloud – it no longer is one way or the other – you can have both cloud and local capabilities and have them play together

9:24 – Muglia on stage now – back to high level stuff for now – what is Windows Strata?  I think Windows Azure is what people thought Strata was – was MS just playing with people?

9:21 – Showing how easy it is to scale up the number of servers available using Azure

9:20 – Showing Bluehoo’s management interface showed

9:18 – Bluehoo is a Silverlight app hosted in Windows Azure

9:16 – Bluehoo – social networking type app is one of the killer demos – built on Windows Azure

9:15 – Management interface looks great – plus a Staging environment prior to Production – will MS finally deliver a good deployment solution at the launch of a platform?

9:13 – Cloud on your desktop – so with debugging you can run locally to test your apps using API parity – WOW!

9:10 – Azure supports both managed and unmanaged code and Visual Studio will provide a rich developer experience.  A Hello World demo is going – Steve Marks showing how to build and deploy a service.

9:09 – High Availability features handles data replication – showed a graphic showing subsystems that looked like it included S3 and Simple DB capabilities

9:07 – Services in Azure involve not just code, but the model that describes how the fabric should handle your service

9:06 – Keeps referring to the fabric controller as a key piece to sharing the resources and enabling scale in Azure – manages services and not just servers – allows for automation of service lifecycle

9:05 – App and OS managed separately to handle service degradation

9:04 – Multiple levels of security – including CAS and HyperVisor isolation

9:03 – Azure is a scalable hosting environment – use as much as you need – using HyperVisor

9:02 – Here comes the Azure demo formerly code-named Red Dog

9:01 – SQL Server Data Services is renamed to SQL Services and they will be adding SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services to the offering – Sql Services is part of Azure

8:57 – Demo coming it sounds like – Azure starts in North America first – CTP launches today – starts with a fraction of the capability of where they envision it going.  MS betting on Azure today – not sure what that means today – Live Mesh? Online offerings going to Azure?

8:56 – Windows Azure different in some ways than what we are used to – but Ray set the stage such that it sounds like Azure will be pluggable by partners ala what Windows has allowed for years

8:50 – Ray mentioned a couple of the best and brightest that formed a team to build a platform for the nextgen web – Ray tipped hat to EC2, Amazon, and Jeff Bezos for their innovation – Windows Azure is the new service in the cloud – I believe to be the competitor to EC2 – a new Windows Web Tier offering or Windows in the Cloud

8:48 – Wireless network is going nuts – can’t keep an IP so this Live blog isn’t so live 🙂

8:45 – Ray talking about the great emphasis on community and collaboration that exists today – mentioned the impact that a note in the blogosphere can have on traffic and how a company has to plan for that spike scale – obviously going to how utility computing can ramp up your need without you investing in the infrastructure – leveraging Amazon for example as a way to handle spikes in traffice – is the announcement of MS EC2 competitor coming?

8:41 – Big emphasis on what Software + Services means – we’ll see what MS means by this over the next couple of days

8:39 – MS builds apps on their platforms to vet the platform

8:38 – Ray going on about stuff – talking about platform shifts

8:36 – Lights going down

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