PDC08 Keynote – Day 2


10:59 – The power of the syncing capability available with Mesh cannot be underscored enough – it will enable a huge number of very cool scenarios for collaboration.  Silverlight is also a huge capability making it happen

10:52 – Showing editing in Word using Word for the Web – now showing Excel for the Web and showing it in FireFox – I assume that this is using Silverlight?  Also will the synchronization settings enabled by Office Live Workspace be available with SharePoint –

10:49 – Showing collaboration of Web and Rich Client OneNote on the same workbook – Wow – syncing included – included showing that happen with OneNote Mobile – WOW – WOW – WOW

10:48 – Announcing Office Web Application – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote – coming with Office 14 – Demo coming

10:46 – Live Mesh to move into Beta this week – and is now available for Macs and Windows Mobile 6 – which is a bummer since I only have a Mobile 5 phone – time to start hunting for a new phone

10:40 – Application running in the Mesh – allows you to sync applications anywhere

10:37 – Loving it – Now we meshify a web application

10:36 – This is getting cool now – I can’t wait to get access to the Mesh SDK – showing programmatic access to the Mesh – very cool!

10:34 – Ori Amiga out to show how to take the Guthrie demo app and Meshify it

10:33 – Mesh now a part of Live Services which is now available using the Live Framework akin to the CLR of the .NET FW

10:32 – Mesh Services now part of the Live Services platform

10:30 – Talking about device connectivity and the need for it – okay – here we go Live Mesh

10:28 – 460 million users, 11% of Total Internet minutes using hundreds of thousands of servers worldwide

10:27 – Talking about Windows Live ID enhancements that have been announced – OpenID support for Windows Live ID, Live Services accessible using your private identity infrastructure, etc…

10:23 – David Treadwell now on stage – here comes Live Mesh announcements – hopefully some other Live announcements – please announce something for Live Spaces

10:22 – Silverlight has about a 1 in 4 machine penetration on the Internet

10:22 – Silverlight outside the browser coming!

10:21 – VS2010 will have a Silverlight Designer built in – including WYSIWG

10:20 – Highlighting the Silverlight Toolkit which is a bunch of controls and is MS-Pl so you can modify them.

10:18 – Silverlight now up – what will be announced now??  Probably highlighting NetFlix and Olympics

10:16 – Scott Gu talking about web development enhancements – nothing super new here – most things we have been aware of.  Cool update to configuration for the Web

10:06 – Tesco demo was very cool – I would like to see more innovative grocery shopping experiences

10:05 – Need to go get my head around MEF – been keeping it at arm’s length so far

10:03 – Showcasing WPF Source editor that is in the VS2010 CTP that we get  – showing how you can customize the editor and extend it – very nice and easy – good, good stuff – Scott Gu’s group continues to do great stuff

10:02 – MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) getting a lot of talk time – key, key piece of the future

10:02 – Much More possible – nice!

10:01 – Talking about .NET 4.0 – lots of stuff there – wow – Visual Studio will be built using WPF – WOW!

9:59 – Announcing release of WPF Toolkit including Visual State Manager and a Data Grid!

9:54 – Back to the HP multi-touch and showing how his WPF app is touch enabled.  Showed how you can enable a ripple effect that shows up on everything including controls

9:53 – Showing JumpList support in WPF with Windows 7 for jump lists – very cool – think quick launch type tasks – very easy – just declare the tasks in XAML.

9:50 – Guthrie out there – heading into the code – showing a new RibbonWindow control that they are shipping this week

9:45 – Sinofosky winding down – Guthrie up next or Treadwell?

9:40 – Beta in early 2009 – open beta.  Talking about how they collect the feedback (telemetry data plus customer submissions)

9:37 – We all get Windows 7 pre-beta today – talking timeline now about when we should expect to see Windows 7 – will he announce a ship date???

9:37 – Showing how they have maintained personalization and the slider to control the detail of UAC notification

9:36 – Showing much improved projector support and the ability to use multi-monitors over RDP

9:32 – Create a Virtual Hard Drive from within Windows 7 natively and can attach VHDs and can boot natively from a VHD as well – very cool – and freaking about time!

9:31 – Showing the use of BitLocker encryption with memory sticks

9:30 – Sinofosky showing his Netbook running Windows 7 (Netbooks currently don’t run Vista, but XP)

9:29 – Talking about Windows Performance improvements to boot up, memory footprint, etc..

9:25 – Cool – multi-touch demo of AutoDesk and how they do modeling using touch – the big question will be the cost of the device – they said the HP machine they were demoing with cost less than 2000 dollars in a year when Windows 7 ships – what does that mean cost wise – for 1500 I could start to see it making sense

9:21 – Ribbon Interface to move in more broadly, Jump Lists (come from start menu), Libraries, Multi-touch, Ink, Speech, and DirectX are some of the areas of developer investment

9:20 – Talking about the scenarios they have been focusing on  – Home Networking is a key area of emphasis – talked about how you can connect your work computer to home wireless network – it will detect and allow you to access home resources without opening your work computer up to security issues.

9:18 – Talking IE8 and the standards emphasis – also WordPad will support OpenXML format and and the other open document formal that I can’t remember right now

9;16 – Sinofosky in summary – we won’t be killed by the driver debacle that killed Vista

9:15 – Talking about the lessons learned from Vista – all the feedback we have heard – including from those commercials (meaning obviously Apple)

9:12 – Didn’t like to hear that – over the new few months we’ll see Wave 3 services – I want them now!!!!

9:11 – Moving on to Windows Live  – now Windows Live Essentials (which is the Windows Live client suite) and Windows Live Service is how they are framing it – good differentiation – or at least a good start

9:05 – Showing touch capability in Windows 7 – All mouse commands are now touch enabled – showed using touch to scroll and zoom.  Showed manipulating Word 2007 using touch.  Then showed IE using gestures and on screen keyboard and navigation using touch.  My next computer will be a touch enabled Windows 7 machine.  Showed updated Paint program and using Touch to drag a picture in and then touching it to draw on it.  Showing Virtual Earth using Multi-touch – very cool.

9:05 – Small improvements in System Tray

9:04 – Showed theming and how Gadgets no longer constrained to Gadget bar

8:57 – Deskbar is a combination of Quick Launch and the open app list.  Improved home network connectivity.  Libraries are new concepts that combined multiple storage locations into a single virtual store.  Search has been extended to easily search across Home Groups.  You can interact with other devices from within Windows 7 – Device Stage is there to show you what it can do with your machine.  You can dock windows now to enable scenarios like side by side comparison.

8:50 – We will get an Office 14 look today it sounds like

8:50 – Guthrie will be talking about the development story around PC and Mobile (probably some Silverlight stuff)

8:49 – Sinofosky coming to do Windows 7 and Windows Live Wave 3

8:48 – Ray is talking web apps offline – will this be Live Mesh that enables this or just some Silverlight extension?

8:46 – Ray is going on – stalling to take more time I think

8:38 – “Take one thing away – we can do our customers a great service by making the PC, Phone, and Web more valuable together than simply the sum of their parts.” Couldn’t agree more – they each have their strengths and weaknesses – leverage the best of all of them.  A friend of mine who I would have thought would have been a prime iPhone guy just texted me and said he hated it.  Why – because the iPhone does the web well, but the experience for the rest of it according to him was subpar – that is not the first time I have heard that from someone about the iPhone.  The danger of the web, PC, and phone is trying to make them what they not instead of making them work together.

8:37 – Ozzie on stage talking about how pervasive PCs are – Without a PC on your desk – what would you do all day?


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