A Suggestion for Windows Live and Windows 7

  In playing around with the Windows 7 bits I got at PDC I had a small idea that I submitted through the feedback link for Windows 7.  The feedback is more related to how Windows Live works with Windows 7, but I thought I would submit it through that avenue as well as post it here.  The note I sent through the feedback link was

I installed the Windows Live suite of products.  One of the immediate things that came to mind is I would rather have one deskbar icon rather than one for each product.  It would be nice to have one Windows Live icon on the bar and use the little arrow to go select which one to launch – I like having quicker access to them and grouping access under a Windows Live icon would make the experience of the Windows Live Suite feel more unified I think.

Bryan Hinton

I used the unlock method documented here to get access to the incomplete deskbar feature.  I like it – although I would like it more with the Aero Peek feature.  As I used it I realized it would be nice if there was a Windows Live icon on the deskbar that I could click the little arrow on to boot up an instance of Writer or Mail or Messenger etc…  I think it would connect the Windows Live Suite (make it feel more like a suite) and reduce the clutter on the Superbar (that seems to be what people are calling it) by having all the different Windows Live apps pinned there.


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