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Should Computer Programmers use company time to learn new things?

  There is a site I commonly read called Worse Than Failure (WTF – they redefined what WTF meant to them a while back to make the site more palatable to people – perhaps when they started taking ads).  The … Continue reading

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Have you heard of LDS Gems?

I have read LDS Gems since somewhere right around 1999/2000 when I first developed an “online presence”.  It has morphed over the years before finally falling into the Church’s hands to administer.  It is full of great quotes an insights.  … Continue reading

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President Kimball on Leadership

“If you and I would be good leaders, we should reflect periodically on the qualities of those who have served, led, and taught us… Most often someone has served and helped us by giving us love and understanding, by taking … Continue reading

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Gallup’s Management Assessment Questions

I ran across these in an online training class that I was reviewing at work and wanted to capture them.  I haven’t read the article, but the bullet points here capture the 12 questions to ask of employees to assess … Continue reading

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