Unplanned Appendectomy


After getting the big news on Monday on what baby we were having I guess it was too much for me because later that night – or more appropriately early Tuesday morning Noel took me to the hospital for severe abdominal pain.  I had the same symptoms about 6 weeks ago and a trip to the urgent care turned up nothing and so I came home and felt better the next day. 

The doctors theory is that my appendix likely ruptured then (you can see a nice picture of how my body covered it up in the bottom right picture – your appendix is not supposed to have a bulbous mass on the end of it – it is supposed to look like a worm).  The fluid in the two top pictures was sloshing around in there as well.  They took it out yesterday and today I got to come home thankfully.  I am glad to have things taken care of and hope that this is the my last visit to the hospital and to surgery for a good long while.  This did throw a wrench in the plans to go canoe the Snake River with Dad, Brett, and Kevin next week which is a major bummer. 




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