Community Development Opportunities at the LDS Church

This email went around at work the other day and I got permission to reprint it here.  A key initiative for the Church’s IT department is to engage with the broader community of software developers who would be interested in working on sanctioned projects that the Church needs to complete.  Over the years I have seen and used many applications produced by individuals in their spare time that helps with the work of the Church.  This effort by Church IT (called ICS) is trying to expand the amount of work we can do by engaging with those who are interested and providing them an environment with access to Church infrastructure (authentication, data, apis, etc…) so that we can collaboratively develop software that meets the needs of the Church.


Volunteer Development Opportunities at the Church

Do you know individuals outside of Church employment who would like to help build great software? Just refer them to the LDSTech Web site. 

The goal of the LDSTech Web site has always been to enlist people—both from within and outside of Church employment—to work on Church projects. This goal is now a reality with the LDSTech Web site, and getting involved is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Pick a project you are interested in. See all of the projects currently in development.

2. Follow the steps found on the Requirements for Participation wiki page.

3. Find tasks associated with the project of your choice and get to work.

Everyone is invited to participate. There are a variety of community projects currently underway, including projects to create mobile applications, replace the current Local Unit Web Site Calendar, and to translate wiki documents into other languages.

Projects require many individual contributors who can work as project managers, designers, database engineers, software developers, testers, technical writers, translators, and more.

For more information, visit the Getting Involved with Projects or Current Needs wiki pages. Be sure to share this e-mail message with your friends and relatives who would want to help!

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