My new building at work – we moved to Riverton!

The Church purchased Intel’s facility in Riverton (Intel has been trying to sell it for a while) several months ago and I have been anxiously awaiting the finishing of the remodel so that we could move out here.  That finally happened yesterday.  I jumped in my car Monday morning and made the 5 minute drive over to work.  It was wonderful.  The building is fantastic.  The Church did a great job engineering the building to create a great working environment.  I have included pictures of the building below to show what it looks like.  I am excited to finally be located in the same facility as many of the people I correspond with.  Previously we were spread out in 4 buildings downtown and one building in Orem.  The move will ease a lot of communication issues that we have had as well as allow our teams to work together more cohesively.  When I used to work for Intel it was a dream of mine to actually sit with the team that I work with – now here at the Church I’ll have that chance.


Front of building – it has four floors and each floor is 80,000 square feet – each floor of the Church Office Building (COB) is around 20,000 square feet so this building roughly represents 16 floors of the COB (the COB has 27 floors total I believe).  We have a data center in there (not the data center though), lab space, plenty of storage, and a cafeteria.


the building is called the Riverton Office Building or the ROB for short – while ROB might seem a little odd – it was better than the alternative.  There is a building near Temple Square called the North Office Building or NOB and since this is South some speculated it would be the South Office Building, but that acronym is worse than ROB so we’ll be happy with the name as it is.


Lighting is a little rough, but here you can see we have a cube bay which holds 6 people and then in the middle is an enclosed war room or team room with a  projector and plenty of white boards for collaboration.  On the other side of the team room is another 6 person cube bay and both sides share the team room.

IMAG0013         IMAG0012


My cube is on the left and on the right is my team’s bay (called Stack Town because all either work on our .NET Stack or our Java Stack).


this is what we call a Creative Work Area – it is a place to get away – relax, think, read, etc… – they are positioned strategically throughout each floor and our a great addition.


All in all – I love the new building and am excited to work in it!

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1 Response to My new building at work – we moved to Riverton!

  1. Nick says:

    The only bad part is your BYU flag.

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