My response to the fundraising letter I received from the RNC

To Republican Leadership in the RNC,
I have you recent letter asking for money for the RNC from the office of Congressman Boehner. I appreciate the message that your goal is to stop Obama’s agenda – that helps me to understand that what you are about is not making our country better, but in making sure things stay as they are. As a registered Republican I certainly don’t support much of what President Obama is proposing as solutions to the country’s problems (by the way you should show him a little more respect in how you refer to him in your letters – while not agreeing with him he is our president), but by the way you crafted the leading questions in the survey I already know you feel that way too and since the survey isn’t meant to be objective I am not going to bother sending it back in – you have clearly already decided on the answers for it.

When you are more interested in getting input on YOUR ideas to address the country’s issues and less on slamming our President send me another letter and I will think about contributing. Once again I look forward to the day when your focus is on helping our country and solving our problems and not simply on stopping the Democrats. By the way if we as Republicans look in the mirror it is pretty scary what we did during the 8 years we were in the White House. I am not talking about the wars etc… to stop terrorism – but simply how we spent and budgeted – pretty scary.

Bryan Hinton

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3 Responses to My response to the fundraising letter I received from the RNC

  1. WoundedEgo says:

    I like your response.

  2. BW says:

    What a balanced and respectful response. Although I am coming at things from across the aisle; It is humbling and encouraging to know that there are such enlightened positions amongst the Republicans, even still.

  3. Bryan Hinton says:

    Thanks Brad – here is hoping that somehow the parties figure out how to focus on solving problems some day rather than just fighting each other!

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