Problems with Visual Studio Async CTP and Debugging with VS2010

  So after seeing Anders presentation about the Future of C# at PDC ā€“ I immediately went and downloaded the CTP to try it out.  At some point in the last couple of days and maybe when I installed the ASP.NET MVC 3 RC Visual Studio started to freak out on me. While debugging I could no longer view variables in the Watch, Autos, or Locals window.  The windows were there, but there was nothing in them and when I put a variable in the Watch window it said it could not evaluate the expression.

  Thankfully after uninstalling the Async CTP VS2010 returned to normal function (kind of useful when debugging to see variable values). 

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4 Responses to Problems with Visual Studio Async CTP and Debugging with VS2010

  1. Mike says:

    Same issue over here…

    But the uninstall didn’t fix it for me.. What a pity…

    • Bryan Hinton says:

      Mike – you might want to also try doing a repair of VS2010 as well – I had to do both – I uninstalled it, did a repair of VS2010, and then uninstalled it again and then it actually resolved things for me

  2. alexdresko says:

    Same issue here. Uninstalling and reinstalling VS didn’t fix the problem though. I’m uninstalling everything related to VS that I can find on my system now… even plan on renaming any VS specific folders in my user profile. We’ll see what happens when everything comes back to life.

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