5/1/2012–News of the Day

Interesting news I found on Tuesday– 5/1/2012 from going through my RSS and Twitter feeds (both current and historical)

Technical News

Very interesting premise in the above article.  Not sure that I agree with all the speculation (especially around Amazon as they increasingly seem to be killing their competitors not suffering).  As an aside I would prefer that we quit defining HTML apps as the Internet and the only way to have a Web application.  Very few meaningful apps today aren’t “Web” apps (meaning they use the Internet in some way).  That list includes client apps.  Even Office the native of all native apps has an increasing number of web aspects to it.  While there is technically a difference between “The Internet” and “The Web” realistically nobody cares about the difference.  The Internet has invaded almost every app and business domain and is definitely not dead, but perhaps the silly exercise of defining the internet by the next generation of web apps to be produced is!


General News

I have loved the other books I have read by him and this one sounds fabulous – can wait to get it (hopefully it is available digitally as I am trying to give up buying regular books)

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