Experiences with Unit Testing in VS11

I have been using VS11 as my primary IDE for the last 3 months.  Things got much better as the ReSharper 7 builds got better for it.  I absolutely love the Move String to Resource refactoring.  It is a beautiful thing!  I have found that I love the new Team Explorer and how it works.  I haven’t been bothered by the Pending Changes change which has caused many consternation.  The new UI has even grown on me although I am looking forward to the changes that the upcoming RC will introduce.  I was especially interested to see what the Testing changes were like after reviewing the blog posts by Peter Provost.  His posts give a great overview on what is going on with it and so I am not going to repeat that here.  I want to just provide some commentary on my experience with it after using it for a couple of months.

  • Generate Code for tests is gone since the Test Runner is now pluggable in VS11 (for any framework that has written an adapter).  Not having that causes some initial friction in my workflow when creating a new test class for a class.  (As a side note I love the recommendation about how to structure test code found posted on Phil Haack’s blog.  Definitely going to try that out).  Once the test class things work pretty well.  Perhaps this highlights that I am not doing TDD in the traditional sense and that is why it isn’t working for me!
  • As Peter Provost mentioned they have to find a way to trim the tests in the UI a little more.  Perhaps doing it smartly like the current class etc… would work.   Also having a way to filter by test category would be great although perhaps hard with the pluggable Test Framework support since that won’t be uniform.
  • Not having the ability to run a test or debug a test in the current context is super annoying. SUPER ANNOYING!!!!
  • As for the test results – I don’t mind the small window, but what about allowing it to be “promoted” to a bigger window – perhaps use the Provisional Window?
  • Showing the green checkmark turning some color to indicate that a test is running would be nice to give some visual clue that things are happening.
  • The startup delay that Peter mentions is very noticeable – I am hoping that they fix it in the upcoming RC

All that said I expect the RC and RTM releases to bring more polish to the experience and I have been impressed with how thoughtful the VS/TFS teams have been overall in refining the experiences!  Great work!

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1 Response to Experiences with Unit Testing in VS11

  1. Hey Bryan, some of the stuff you mention is fixed for RC and those that aren’t (except for the create unit test Wizard) will be there by RTM. Thanks for the feedback!

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