5/25/2012–News of the Day

Interesting news I found on Friday– 5/25/2012 from going through my RSS and Twitter feeds (both current and historical)

General News

  1. How to Measure Your Life
  2. Calendar Triage
    • Protect the Basics
    • Eliminate the non-essentials
    • Reschedule what is important, but not now important
  3. We are successaholics not workaholics
  4. Care More to succeed
  5. Managing the load of requests for help in the digital age

The basic premise hear is make sure that a request from someone comes with some work on their part.  Have them write an introduction for themselves or define what they want out of the request etc…  That will alone streamline the number of help requests to those who are really serious about it.

  1. Buying Happiness
    1. The Science of Happiness

     1. Buy experiences instead of things

        2. Help others instead of yourself
        3. Buy many small pleasures instead of few big ones
        4. Buy less insurance
        5. Pay now and consume later
        6. Think about what you’re not thinking about
        7. Beware of comparison shopping
        8. Follow the herd instead of your head

Technical News

Coding Horror presents his side of the Learn to Code, Don’t Learn to Code argument.  He lands on the Don’t Learn to Code side.  John Galloway argues the other side of the coin that a little coding knowledge in our technologically saturated world is a good thing.  I agree with him as I think understanding how a computer works is becoming increasingly important as Software is eating the World.  He makes the argument for my learning how a computer works is more useful and practical than much of what is taught in school.  To his argument I would add that learning how a computer works (and how to code) is more important than cursive (why do we still teach that!). 

That said for both coders and non-coders alike Coding Horror has some good advice. You should be learning to write as little code as possible. Ideally none.  Amen.  Code and especially novel code isn’t the goal, but sometimes we get that confused.  Start with doing the simplest thing that works and go from there.

How many projects, projects with extremely aggressive schedules, have you been on, where everyone knows the project has been under “consideration” for months and months, if not years? Once the development team is appointed, the mantra becomes “hurry, hurry.” Where was all the hurry when management was “considering” the project?

Leadership News

Absolutely great advice for making decisions

  1. Use checklists for common routines.   
  2. Set time limits.  
  3. Limit your choices.   
  4. Satisfice to find a good enough fit for now.   
  5. Just decide
  6. Right-size your decision making effort
  7. Take a time out to recharge.  
  8. Delegate more often and more frequently
  9. Make it a group thing.  
  10. Let things solve themselves
  • Model the way
  • Inspire a shared vision
  • Challenge the process
  • Enable others to act
  • Encourage the heart
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