6/8/2012–News of the Day

Interesting news I found on Thursday – 6/5/2012 from going through my RSS and Twitter feeds (both current and historical)

General News

  • How to get super focused when you need it
    • Give yourself a deadline
    • Get a good night’s sleep
    • Eat the right foods – although he suggests juiced beets – not sure I agree with that Smile
    • Listen to the right music – he says evidence points to baroque music which is music from the 1600-1750s and includes a lot of the classical canon like Bach
    • Eliminate Distractions
    • Focus on One Task – repeat with me – multitasking is a myth
    • Take Periodic breaks
  • What Captures Your Attention Controls Your Life
    • Giving undivided attention is the first and most basic ingredient in any relationship. – Don’t forget this – cellphones are making a mess of things in this area
    • Because attention is so closely connected to our brain’s basic wiring, it can be difficult to recognize our own patterns of giving attention
      • Here’s what I take from these two studies: First, that whatever you pay attention to — or not — has a huge effect on how you see the world and feel about it. And second, it’s much easier to see your own attention patterns if you take the time to learn about someone else’s.
    • As leaders, what you pay attention to not only controls your own brain, but sets the example for your team.

Leadership News

  • Will the truth be a problem? – great counsel to leaders and really anyone trying to make a decision.  If the truth is known will it be a problem?
  • Customers don’t want more features
    • Defining the problem. Articulating the problem that developers will try to solve is the most underrated part of the innovation process. Too many companies devote far too little time to it – Hear, Hear
    • Determining what to hide or omit. – Be Simple, Less is More!
    • As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Technical News

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